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Our Services

County Homemakers Service Coordination Entity Inc., is an industry leader in providing quality, consumer centered and detail orientated service coordination across the state of Pennsylvania. Our highly trained Coordinators excel in person centered and motivational interviewing techniques, which accurately assess consumer needs and services that would best fit the individual. County Homemakers Service Coordination Entity Inc., is the natural choice for any individual newly or currently receiving services in the following Waivers: Aging, Act 150, Attendant Care, COMMcare, Independence and Obra. CHMSCE has numerous office locations across the state of Pennsylvania that best provides services from a local Service Coordinator. Local Coordinators that are apart of your community are ready and willing to help you set up services that will let you remain in your own home. Tell the Independent Enrollment Broker during Enrollment that County HomeMakers SCE Inc., is your choice for a professional and local service coordination agency.

I have been involved with other home health care agencies, but I have never been more satisfied than I am with County Homemakers SCE. Due to County Homemakers, I am able to remain safely in my home content with my two chihuahuas.


Find out if you or someone you care for is eligible to receive services

 Click on the link below for the official PA Department of Human Services customized referral tool

Contact the Independence Enrollment Broker (Maximus) to see if you meet the qualifications. You can apply online or by phone.


Toll Free Phone: 877-550-4227
Toll Free TTY: 877-824-9346

After your initial application the Independent Enrollment Broker (Maximums) will schedule an in person meeting to complete an eligibility assessment for services.

Once you complete the eligibility process you will be enrolled into a waiver. It is at that time, you can choose a Service Coordination Entity, such as, County HomeMakers SCE, Inc.

 Once the Service Coordination Entity receives the notification of your enrollment. A Service Coordinator will call within 48 hours and schedule a face to face in-home visit.

During the appointment, a goal based Individualized Service Plan will be created to the individual’s needs. This meeting can involve not only the individual who will receive services, but their family, and other support systems.

The Service Coordinator will take the information off the Individualized Service Plan to begin arranging the services needed.  The Service Coordinator will complete referrals to all other Agencies that provide services through the Waivers. Other Agencies that your Service Coordinator will work with are Personal Assistance Services, Personal Emergency Response Systems, Cognitive Therapies, Durable Medical Equipment Agencies and many more… Once the plan is approved through the Office of Long Term Living, all other agencies will begin providing the support needed.

Process to Receive Services

Process to Continue Receiving Services

The individual ( referred to below as consumer) will have at the least four face to face visits yearly (quarterly reviews and yearly reassessment to ensure eligibility for the program)

A consumer will have frequent monitoring phone calls to ensure services are being provided by all Agencies. These calls will also be wellness checkups, that involve discussing any new needs that the consumer may have.

The consumer is encouraged to call at any time, if their situation changes and are in need of additional services. Service Coordinators will complete a reassessment/review of the Individualized Service Plan, in hopes of procuring the services needed.

Waiver services cannot continue while a consumer is in the hospital, rehabilitation facility, and/or nursing home.  Services will resume once in their own home again.

Our Services

  • In home health care, including skilled nursing, agency referrals, coordination, and management
  • Medical devices and supplies oversight and aid
  • Home modifications and supportive equipment
  • Health care advocacy, including prevention of nursing home placement

Cost & Eligibility

Services may be free for eligible individuals; for others a co-pay may be assessed. Services are funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Office of Long-Term Living. Program participants must be age 18 or older and have a physical disability that will last at least one year. Services are available to residents in all counties in Pennsylvania.